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The company handles pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including serious illness medical treatment), maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance for employees, and personal accident insurance for front-line personnel.

Clothes: The company provides free tooling and related labor protection supplies for front-line employees every year.
Food: The company provides meal allowance to employees every month.
OK: The company arranges air-conditioned buses to take employees to and from work every day.
In addition, Lutong employees also enjoy all kinds of holidays stipulated by the state; annual holidays provide Festival materials for employees, and every year the company organizes a tour for senior and middle-level leaders and outstanding performers.
October 2009 Penglai Ocean Polar World Day Tour.
October 2010 Yishui Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley one-day tour.
Beijing 3-day tour in October 2011.
Visit Beijing Palace Museum, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Military Museum, Water Cube, Bird's Nest and other scenic spots.

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