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Future Development of Stabilized Soil Mixing Station


Since the development of stabilized soil mixing plant equipment, it has caught up with the international advanced level in many aspects Many domestic enterprises have exported equipment to foreign

Application of stabilized soil mixing station in industrial production


With the development of industrial production, the demand for concrete is increasing day by day, and the quality of concrete is demanded higher and higher Moreover, stabilized soil mixing station is recognized by many construction units in bridge constru

Meeting on Recommending Party Members to Develop Objects


On September 18, 2015, the Party branch of our company held a meeting of Party members and workers representatives, which was attended by Director Zhou of the Party Committee of Anqiu

Fire safety knowledge training


In order to improve the staff s fire safety awareness and strengthen the safety management of Weifang Lutong Machinery and Electronics Co , Ltd , our company held a fire prevention knowledge lecture on June 24, 2015

Photo of Advanced Workers in 2014


Advanced Workers in 2014

Best Team Photo of 2014


Best Team Photo of 2014 1, Finance 2, Technology 3, Fleet 4, Asphalt Workshop 5, Warehouse

Decision on Recognition of Advanced Producers of the Company in 2014


On the decision to commend the company s advanced producers in 2014, in the work of 2014, the vast number of employees based on their own duties, love and respect

On-site Audit of Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License Change


On January 3, 2015, a team of experts from Shandong Institute of Metrology and a team of four leaders from Weifang Quality Supervision Bureau came to our factory to carry out the project

Decision on Reward of Top Ten Welders in Competition


About the decision to award the top ten welders in the competition, this year our company held the first skill competition for welders

Lutong Machinery First Welder Skills Competition


In March of Yangchun, the grass warbler flies, everywhere is filled with a strong sense of spring, today, in this sunny day, usher in

Happy March 8th Festival to you all!


In March of Yangchun, the grass warbler flies, everywhere is filled with a strong sense of spring, today, in this sunny day, usher in

Customers send Jinqi to express their gratitude


In June 2012, customers in Pingyuan County, Dezhou City, with grateful smiles, grasped the golden side and printed the quality of equipment is too hard

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